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Currently there are two ways to search the Advocate archives online through the Courthouse Libraries BC website.

The first way is to access the BC Literature Index search engine. The second way is to access electronic versions of the Advocate (from 1943 to present) using HeinOnline which is provided free of charge to members of the Law Society of British Columbia.

Information on both methods is found below. If you require assistance please email us by clicking here.

(A) BC Legal Literature Index Search

Go to:

Note: The Advocate INDEX can be searched through the Search box located in the top right corner of the Home Page.

  1. Choose the Advanced Search option.
  2. Select the Source "BC Legal Literature Index" option from the drop down list at the top of the search page.
  3. Select the Publication "The Advocate" option from the drop down list at the bottom of the search page.
  4. Search fields include: Author, Date, Subject or Title. Enter a keyword in one of the fields.

» PDF (324KB): Index Search Instructions

(B) HeinOnline Complete Digital Archive

Go to:

Note: The Advocate COMPLETE digital archive (1943 to present) is available via HeinOnline. Members of the Law Society have free desktop access to HeinOnline through the "Lawyers’ Reading Room".

  1. Click on the "Lawyers’ Reading Room".
  2. To sign up for Reading Room access, follow the instructions on the log in page – you will need a Courthouse Libraries BC website account. If you have questions please contact the library at (604) 660-2841 or email
  3. Log in. Once you are logged in, click on the HeinOnline logo.
  4. Click on Advocate (Vancouver Bar Association) listed under Subscribed Libraries.

Note: To search the Advocate, click on the Search tab at the top and enter a search term(s) in the Quick Search box. HeinOnline also has Field Search and Advanced Search options. To browse the issues simply expand the volumes by clicking on the plus sign.

» PDF (66KB): HeinOnline Search Instructions


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